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  • Continuo à procura de alguém que me queira ( a minha mãe infelizmente não está incluída , porque diz que já tem a vidinha dela orientada).
    É que eu estou destinada a ser atacada por uma cadela que só está à espera que eu comece a passear pelos quintais. Por isso, partilhem lá o meu belo focinho se faz favor!

    “ Once I knew only darkness and stillness. Now I know hope and joy. Once I fretted and beat myself against the wall that shut me in. Now I rejoice in the consciousness that I can think, act and attain heaven. … Can anyone who escaped such captivity, who has felt the thrill and glory of freedom, be a pessimist?
    My early experience was thus a leap from bad to good. If I tried, I could not check the momentum of my first leap out of the dark; to move breast forward as a habit learned suddenly at that first moment of release and rush into the light. With the first word I used intelligently, I learned to live, to think, to hope. ”


    Over the last few years, Khadi and Denim - two fabrics of distinct origins, histories and constitutions - have been woven together in an inconspicuous but potentially significant marriage. One of the most exciting recent textile developments, this pairing is making inroads into the billion-dollar denim market.

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